Meet Mary K., our January Mom of the Month!

Oh my gosh y'all! I'm so honored to be chosen as the January mom of the month! Can you believe it's 2019!!?

I have no idea where to start!...My name is Mary Kelly and I'm from a corn field in Indiana. I am the youngest of 6 kids. Growing up in a small town I couldn't wait to go far away and experience something different and exciting. Being from a large family we were expected to help pay for our college. I went the military route and had an Air Force ROTC scholarship to Marquette University. I studied nursing and when I graduated and commissioned I was sent to Alaska! There I worked as a medical surgical and PACU nurse. It was an adventure! I met a wonderful man who happened to be 12 years older than me and who already had 3 kids. My family was less than jazzed about him at first-but have grown to love him! We spent the first 2 years of marriage apart. He was sent to Minot North Dakota and after my father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer the Air Force sent me to Dayton OH to be close to home. It was awesome to be home and spend time with my father. He lost his battle with cancer 6 months after I arrived. Chris and the kiddos eventually moved to Dayton and then Chris Deployed 6 months later. So the kids and I had some good bonding time! I transitioned to be a Labor and Delivery nurse in Dayton and LOVE it!! Chris and I decided to have a baby of our own and went down the rabbit hole of infertility. We did 2 rounds of IVF in Dayton and then when we moved to Texas in 2016 we tried a 3rd time and were blessed with CJ!

I found Fit4Mom when I was about 6 months post partum. I was struggling with accepting myself as a mom-my new body and my new role. I joined the first body back and was hooked! After having CJ I decided I never wanted to have to deploy and leave him so I separated from the Air Force and was a full time Stay Home mommy for about 3 months. I recently returned to full time as a contractor at SAMMC on L&D so I can still support the mission at home while my AD coworkers deploy. Fit4Mom has been amazing as I've made these major life changes. It has helped me gain confidence as a mommy and as a person. I don't get to come as often now that I'm working full time but CJ and I enjoy coming to class and seeing our village! I have grown up with organized PT and so I am an avid cheerleader and try to motivate during a workout! We are starting to work toward a close-in-age sibling for CJ and I am excited to have a fit pregnancy with y'all!