Meet Martha B., our April Mom of the Month!

Hey, Y'all! I am so excited to be nominated as the mom of the month!

I was born and raised in one of the best cities, Austin, Texas. After high school, I received a scholarship to attend St. Mary’s University here in San Antonio. After four years I received my degree in Elementary Education. A couple weeks before graduation I was hired to work at Washington Elementary.

Two years later in August 2010, I decided to take a chance at love and went on a date with a complete stranger named Joseph Benavidez. His chivalry swept me off my feet. We were engaged a year and a half later and were married in the Spring of 2014. After traveling the world and enjoying each others company we decided we were ready to start a family. In May 2016, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Liam.

Being a new mom was exciting but also very stressful. I was having a hard time balancing my career and family life. After lots of reflection and prayer, my husband and I decided the best thing for our family would be for me to stay home with Liam. I was excited to spend time with my son but I was also terrified of the idea of being “just a mom.” I knew I needed to have a balance in my life, and that was when I came across Fit4Mom. I always enjoyed working out but after attending my first class I realized that Fit4Mom is more than just a workout group. It is a village of strong women, that empower and motivate each other. It is a safe place you can vent about sleepless nights or maybe seek guidance when your toddler is going through the terrible two’s. Fit4Mom has brought the balance to my life that I needed. I feel like I am the best version of myself!