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Meet Kat S., our July Mom of the Month!

Wow what an honor to be featured into Fit4Mom. Thank you everyone.

This crazy girl right here was born in Brazil and I seriously had the best childhood ever. My parents tells me story of how hard life was and how they have gone hungry many times just to feed me and my older sister. But I have no remembrance of that. I remember running and playing. Getting dirty and just laughing so hard.

I was 13 when my dad got a job opportunity and decided to move us to the United States and that was the best decision they could have made. No it wasn’t easy being so new. Barely knowing the language. But we survived. And we learned and it was awesome.

We originally stayed in Colorado (Aurora for those who knows the area) for about 8 years. I finished middle and high school there and also went to college to be a Vet Tech which I graduated and worked in the field for about 8 years. So this is also where my love for the Broncos comes from and I bleed blue and orange lol.

When I was 15 I met Jonatha through a friend. But wasn’t until I was 16 that we started dating. I married my best friend at the age of 20. June 25 is our 13th yr anniversary. And now having 2 amazing kids. A girl age 10 and a boy almost 5. I worked very hard with Isabelle but gladly my mom raised her. Wasn’t until I was pregnant with Lucas and I got put to bed rest that I became a SAHM and loving it.

We lived in Houston, Texas for 10 yrs and last year moved to San Antonio for my husband’s job. And I love it here. So much to do but didn’t have friends for a while and felt lonely. But I met Daniella and she introduced me to Julie and Kelly and my world changed with Fit4mom. I know I am stronger and I have amazing friend. A community that I needed in my life.

Having ladies to share stories and know how you struggle and how Mom life is and get to do Mom’s night out every month is beyond what the world can give us. If you haven’t participate in this life changing community then you are sure missing out in life. Lol

I am now a photographer that runs my own business and this is my 4th year in it professionally. My eyes sees things I didn’t know it could until I pursued this passion of mine for so long. But it’s been a worthy, long journey and I can’t wait what the future holds.