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Mom of the Month


Oh my gosh y'all! I'm so honored to be chosen as the January mom of the month! Can you believe it's 2019!!?

I have no idea where to start!...My name is Mary Kelly and I'm from a corn field in Indiana. I am the youngest of 6 kids. Growing up in a small town I couldn't wait to go far away and experience something different and exciting. Being from a large family we were expected to help pay for our college. I went the military route and had an Air Force ROTC scholarship to Marquette University. I studied nursing and when I graduated and commissioned I was sent to Alaska! There I worked as a medical surgical and PACU nurse. It was an adventure! I met a wonderful man who happened to be 12 years older than me and who already had 3 kids. My family was less than jazzed about him at first-but have grown to love him! We spent the first 2 years of marriage apart. He was sent to Minot North Dakota and after my father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer the Air Force sent me to Dayton OH to be close to home. It was awesome to be home and spend time with my father. He lost his battle with cancer 6 months after I arrived. Chris and the kiddos eventually moved to Dayton and then Chris Deployed 6 months later. So the kids and I had some good bonding time! I transitioned to be a Labor and Delivery nurse in Dayton and LOVE it!! Chris and I decided to have a baby of our own and went down the rabbit hole of infertility. We did 2 rounds of IVF in Dayton and then when we moved to Texas in 2016 we tried a 3rd time and were blessed with CJ!

I found Fit4Mom when I was about 6 months post partum. I was struggling with accepting myself as a mom-my new body and my new role. I joined the first body back and was hooked! After having CJ I decided I never wanted to have to deploy and leave him so I separated from the Air Force and was a full time Stay Home mommy for about 3 months. I recently returned to full time as a contractor at SAMMC on L&D so I can still support the mission at home while my AD coworkers deploy. Fit4Mom has been amazing as I've made these major life changes. It has helped me gain confidence as a mommy and as a person. I don't get to come as often now that I'm working full time but CJ and I enjoy coming to class and seeing our village! I have grown up with organized PT and so I am an avid cheerleader and try to motivate during a workout! We are starting to work toward a close-in-age sibling for CJ and I am excited to have a fit pregnancy with y'all!

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First off, thank ya’ll so much for this nomination. I am so thankful to have found this village of wonderful women to call friends!

I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Amish country Pennsylvania until the age of 10 when my family moved to Colorado Springs, CO. I lived in Colorado until graduating high school in 2010 and then headed up to Burlington, Vermont to study Biology at UVM. It was there that I discovered a passion for research and landed my first lab job in the Neuroscience department. After a year of enduring a horrible northeast winter I packed my bags and transferred to the University of Colorado, so I could be closer to family and get more sunlight. I continued my studies of Biology there and maintained an awesome job in the Immunology Department studying Type I Diabetes and then eventually two-timed it in doing some childhood cancer research as well.

The day I moved back to Colorado from Vermont was when I met my husband, Chris. We had known of each other our entire lives because his Aunt was my Mom’s college BFF and finally met on a snowy May night in 2011 after both flying in within minutes of one another. It wouldn’t be until December of that year that we finally started dating, but after that we were inseparable. After a few years of living together in Colorado it was time for a change in Chris’ career, so we packed up and moved to San Antonio in December of 2014 so that Chris could finish his schooling to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Once in Texas, I landed a great job at UTSA as a Research Assistant in the Neurosciences Institute and became a published scientist the same year I had our first daughter, Anabelle Marie (Bella). Bella was born August 7th, 2016 and of course my whole life changed. I quickly left my job behind due to the hazardous nature of what I worked with, but I didn’t miss it much. I had always dreamt of becoming a mother and sincerely enjoyed overcoming all the challenges of new motherhood in stride. I found an amazing breastfeeding support group (shout out to the MILC Group!) and made a wonderful group of close friends with babies around the same age. They were my rock and I was theirs. I could not have done it without them. It was through one of these moms that I learned of Fit4Mom and attended classes through the North branch for a while with her. When Bella was just over one, I decided to go back to school at UTSA and then surprise, found out I was expecting baby number two in early December, a week before finals!

My biggest fear when I found out I was pregnant was that Bella would wean before the age of two, so I continued to nurse her throughout my pregnancy and still do, which is something I am extremely proud of. I continued with school for the spring semester, but my due date of August 1st didn’t leave me much room for attending in the summer or following fall. So, Bella and I had a summer full of mama daughter time. I also joined Fit4Mom AR/Helotes at this time and endured several very hot summer workouts up until my 38th week of pregnancy. Olivia Morgan Victoria (Livi) was born August 5th, 2018 just 2 days before Bella’s 2nd birthday. This birth was much different from Bella’s (an unplanned c-section) as I was able to successfully deliver her in the comfort of my own home and I attribute much of that success to Fit4Mom for setting my body up to do something so incredible!

Now that many of those original “Boob Group” friends have moved away thanks to the military I am more thankful than ever to have met such wonderful women through Fit4Mom. I know that I have found some lifelong friends and hopefully my daughters will have some too! If you don’t already know me, come say hi! I am too social for my own good and always looking for new mama friends!


First of all thank you so much for selecting me as this months Fit4Mom Mom of the month!!! I’m so honored!

Oh goodness where to begin...My husband Ray and I met in college at Schreiner University in Kerrville Texas. He was on the baseball team and I was on the tennis team. He was majoring in biochemistry and I was majoring in mathematics. And we were in total opposite social groups! But what can I say, opposites attract. We didn’t actually start dating until a few years after we both graduated college. We were married here in San Antonio on 12/13/14. (Nerd alert) I teach high school math and he teaches high school science. Our daughter, Aubree, was born on 8/4/16 6 weeks early and we spent 2 of the longest weeks of my life in the NICU. I’ve been an athlete my entire life, but while pregnant I gained about 60lbs!!!! Crazy! I knew I had to get my weight back under control. Breast feeding helped me to loose quite a bit of weight but I was really missing my gym days. As a new Mom I didn’t want to leave Aubree in the gym daycare. A mama in my Facebook mama group had posted about her weight loss success with her local fit4mom group and I had to try! This summer I finally took my first class with Ashley H and I was hooked!!!!! I tell everyone about Fit4Mom. This group has been an absolute blessing for me. My Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings are my favorites. The best part is watching Aubree mimic the moves from class! She loves to do high knees, jump squats, and burpees. This year for Halloween Aubree was an 80s workout girl! Totally fitting!


Woohoo! I’m overjoyed to have been chosen as Mom of the month! Thanks Mamas!

I am so very proud to be part of this amazing group of women. Finding Fit4Mom has been absolutely life changing for my little family and I!! I was born right here in San Antonio, and raised in the small town of Castroville that isn’t too far to the west of here. I graduated from Medina Valley High School in 2006.

I studied Biomedical Sciences at A&M Corpus Christi for a while, and then decided to switch gears. I came back to San Antonio and attended Vogue Cosmetology School.

Getting my cosmetology license was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I was able to wake up every morning and love my job. It also gave me the freedom to pursue something that I had only ever dreamed of being able to do. In January 2010, I bought my first motorcycle! I rode on the street for about a year, and wanted to sharpen my skills, so I started riding on the track. I quickly became addicted and was at the track every chance I had. This led to me getting my race license a year later, and I rocked the race number 708. I raced at tracks all over Texas, Oklahoma, New Orleans and Alabama. I was also flown to Mexico City for a race!

In October 2013 I met Ryan at the track in San Marcos, we started dating a year later, and got married at that same track in 2016! We got pregnant with our sweet Remi in May 2017, he is now 8 months old, and is the light of our life. I closed my salon in 2017 for the preparation of being a stay at home mom, but I just cannot keep my fingers out of hair so I still do Bridal Hair on the weekends. I also help Ryan with his business, Prime Time PDR which is a paintless dent repair shop. He repairs hail damage and dents and dings. I also recently registered to be a donor with Mothers Milk Bank Austin! I will be making my first donation of about 750 oz this coming week. My milk will be FDA Approved and given to babies in the NICU! Words cannot explain the joy it brings me to be able to do this. If you would also like to donate and have questions about the process of being approved, please ask me!

Being able to stay home with my little is easily the most rewarding “job” I’ve ever had!! When he was five months old, I was talking with my friend Ashley Estrada, asking if she had ever heard of FIT4MOM, turns out she had just scheduled to attend her first class that next morning! After a great review from her, I quickly scheduled my first class! FIT4MOM became a way of life for my little and I...Wake up, FIT4MOM, go to sleep and repeat. FIT4MOM has not only helped me get in shape after pregnancy, but it has also helped me mentally, I honestly don’t know what I would do without this amazing group of mamas!! I am also honored to be one of the Playgroup Captains! I love planning the activities and hanging out after class with all of the mamas and babies.

Like I said before, I am so happy to be part of this astonishing group of women! I can’t wait for my next few pregnancies to be fit pregnancies thanks to FIT4MOM!


I’m so excited to have been chosen as September Mom of the Month!! Thank you for letting me share my story!

I grew up in a small town in Western Massachusetts where most of my family still lives. I left there after high school to attend college at Arizona State University and was out in the Phoenix area for about 7 years. My sister was in the Air Force at that time and just got stationed at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. With school done and nothing tying me to Arizona, I decided to move up to Colorado with my sister 2 weeks after visiting her there! I packed up my car with everything I could fit and hit the road. It was the most spontaneous thing I ever did but my best decision ever because through her and her coworkers, I met my husband Dave. He was still a student himself but after a couple years he graduated, and we were off to San Angelo, Texas for his tech school in the Air Force.

After San Angelo, we were stationed in North Carolina. We got married during that time and eventually had our beautiful, amazing daughter Taryn. As a first-time mom, I had heard great things about Fit4Mom, but I had a million excuses as to why I couldn’t make it to a workout. Eventually we left N.C. and moved to D.C. and had our second child, our son Nash. I got the double stroller and walked along the Potomac River with the kids but still made excuses to why I couldn’t join my good friend at her Stroller Strides group. I’d see the moms working out in the mall or out at the parks but told myself, my kids wouldn’t stay in the stroller, my kids wouldn’t let me enjoy a workout and some mom time.

Then came another move. This time to San Antonio and Dave and I were super excited to get back to Texas! With every move as a military spouse there is so much leg work to be done to find doctors, hair stylists, grocery stores and of course friends. It’s tough to find where you fit in in a new town. I had joined a couple Moms groups and I just wasn’t clicking with anyone. Then I saw Fit4Mom was offering barre class, which I had been wanting to do for a long time, but thought was impossible to do with the littles, as barre studios don’t often offer childcare. I signed up for the first free preview class I could and told myself the time was right and no more excuses. I was immediately welcomed by so many great moms that first day and the workout was just what I was looking for. Right away I knew I had finally found my tribe! And by the way, my kids totally surprised me with how great they behaved in the stroller during my workouts.

I try to attend at least 3 classes a week but sometimes go as many as 5. I love the support of the other moms, I love the community for myself and my kiddos and I love all the fun stuff we do beyond working out like playdates and Moms nights out. I have made some dear friends that I know I will be keeping in touch with after we have to say goodbye to San Antonio and leave for our next duty station. My kids watch every workout I do, often cheer me on and usually do some of the moves at home! I love the positive influence that Fit4Mom has made in all our lives (even Dave, who attends Saturday workouts when he can) and I am currently the most healthy and fit I’ve ever been!

Koivisto Family

I’m so excited to be nominated as August mom of the month!

I was born in Arlington, TX and lived there until I was 7 when I moved to OKC with my mom. I attended Oklahoma State University and decided living in OK was not for me so accepted a job in Jacksonville, FL after graduation. Shortly after accepting the role and just before graduation, I met my future husband, Gary. It was love at first sight as you say and we decided to try long distance. It wasn’t easy but a year and a half later, he moved to FL to be with me. We loved living close to the beach and traveling all around the east coast. We got engaged in Oct 2011 and were married in June 2012.

Shortly after, we said goodbye to FL and moved to San Antonio so my husband could attend USAF pilot training. I was lucky enough to transfer locations with my job but after a year in San Antonio, decided to pursue a new opportunity and work for a paper manufacturer. I am fortunate enough to work from home, calling on HEB and others selling private label toilet paper and paper towels. Go buy the Our Finest brand! J

In Sept 2015, we welcomed our daughter Raegan Makay. She is now a beautiful, loving and spirited (almost) 3 year old who constantly keeps us on our toes.

With my husband’s crazy schedule as a pilot and working from home, I was struggling to find a way to stay active, entertain a toddler, maintain a social life and be myself again. I was introduced to FIT4MOM by another member, Martha Madigan, who encouraged me to join a class to get out of the house with Raegan. I initially signed up for a pass with the North SA group but moved to Alamo Ranch/Helotes after Martha did. I am so glad I did! The workouts are wonderful and kick my booty but the FIT4MOM group is truly a lifesaver. I don’t know what I would do without my Saturday class and coffee chats! Even Raegan looks forward to our weekly workout and playing with her friends. You know you have a found a good thing when you try to rearrange your schedule to go extra classes during the week! Thank you to all the mamas. I’m so happy to be a part of this tribe!

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Wow what an honor to be featured into Fit4Mom. Thank you everyone.

This crazy girl right here was born in Brazil and I seriously had the best childhood ever. My parents tells me story of how hard life was and how they have gone hungry many times just to feed me and my older sister. But I have no remembrance of that. I remember running and playing. Getting dirty and just laughing so hard.

I was 13 when my dad got a job opportunity and decided to move us to the United States and that was the best decision they could have made. No it wasn’t easy being so new. Barely knowing the language. But we survived. And we learned and it was awesome.

We originally stayed in Colorado (Aurora for those who knows the area) for about 8 years. I finished middle and high school there and also went to college to be a Vet Tech which I graduated and worked in the field for about 8 years. So this is also where my love for the Broncos comes from and I bleed blue and orange lol.

When I was 15 I met Jonatha through a friend. But wasn’t until I was 16 that we started dating. I married my best friend at the age of 20. June 25 is our 13th yr anniversary. And now having 2 amazing kids. A girl age 10 and a boy almost 5. I worked very hard with Isabelle but gladly my mom raised her. Wasn’t until I was pregnant with Lucas and I got put to bed rest that I became a SAHM and loving it.

We lived in Houston, Texas for 10 yrs and last year moved to San Antonio for my husband’s job. And I love it here. So much to do but didn’t have friends for a while and felt lonely. But I met Daniella and she introduced me to Julie and Kelly and my world changed with Fit4mom. I know I am stronger and I have amazing friend. A community that I needed in my life.

Having ladies to share stories and know how you struggle and how Mom life is and get to do Mom’s night out every month is beyond what the world can give us. If you haven’t participate in this life changing community then you are sure missing out in life. Lol

I am now a photographer that runs my own business and this is my 4th year in it professionally. My eyes sees things I didn’t know it could until I pursued this passion of mine for so long. But it’s been a worthy, long journey and I can’t wait what the future holds.



Hey friends!

I am thrilled to be nominated as June Mom of the Month! I never would have thought I would be a part of a village like this. I’m so lucky!

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from Smithson Valley High School in 2008. I decided a regular collage wasn’t for me so I attended Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas. Finished Summa Cum Laude in 2010. I thought I would go far in the restaurant world, but a turn in events led me to join the the Air Force in 2012. I was stationed in Las Vegas working on the F-15 fighter jets and launching them out for their missions. There I met my husband. Love at first sight. We dated for two years before saying I Do in 2015.

Shortly after, Zoey Jane made her appearance. My whole world changed! I loved being pregnant and instantly felt a deep bond with Zoey. That’s when I switched my way of living. I went all natural, organic, and researched EVERYTHING.

I separated from the Air Force, but stayed in Las Vegas until my husband’s time was up. Being away from home with a new baby was very hard. I ended up with severe anxiety and PPD. Did not exercise, only left the house for groceries. I knew it was time to go back home.

Spring of 2017 we moved back to San Antonio and bought our house in Alamo Ranch. Still dealing with PPD, I posted on my ‘San Antonio crunchy moms’ Facebook page searching for some friends. One mom in particular reached out to me and told me about the grand opening of Fit4Mom in Helotes/AlamoRanch. It took everything in me to get myself and Zoey out of the house, but I was tired of feeling mom guilt. I loved everything Fit4Mom stood for but was too stubborn to pay for anything. Come December, same mama told me about a super awesome Black Friday special Fit4Mom was having. I decided to take advantage of free classes and after about a week, I.WAS.HOOKED. My anxiety was way down and I no longer feared leaving the house. Zoey made friends and had a chance to socialize and play.

Six months into my Fit4Mom journey, I can say that I am no longer depressed and my anxiety is pretty much gone. Exercise is truly the best medicine. Not only do I feel the healthiest and the fittest I have been in my life, but I have a great village of moms who can relate to sleepless nights and the heart melting moments of our babies. Having this support circle is so important and I feel so special to be a part of it. Peace and Love y’all!


Hi friends! I am so humbled to be nominated as the mom of the month. Thank you!

I was born in South Bend, IN, moved to a suburb of Atlanta when I was 9, and then spent the rest of my young adulthood in Sugar Land, TX, right outside of Houston. My dream of becoming a Longhorn came true and I graduated from UT in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences. I knew nursing school was my next step and decided to nanny for a family friend in San Antonio while I sorted out the details. I vowed to only stay in SA a short time because it was ‘just all families and older adults’— HA! Joke was on me!

I met my husband Jason in 2012 through a Bible Study we were both involved in and suddenly SA didn’t seem so bad after all. I graduated with my BSN from the UT Health Science Center (now UT Health) in spring of 2013 and started my first job 2 months later: night shift in the NICU. Those were memorable and sometimes difficult times but overall I feel privileged to have cared for some of our city’s tiniest members.

Jason and I were engaged in March 2014, married in November 2014 and welcomed Caroline in November 2016! My stay at home mom journey began a few months before Caroline was born, a little over 3 years into my nursing career. I have loved every minute of being home with her! Last fall my friend Kimberly asked if I wanted to go to the new Fit4Mom grand opening with her and I thought it would be a fun (free!) activity to get us out of the house. A friend in the north side group was always raving about Stroller Strides and encouraging me to check it out. I always had an excuse! But something told me to give this group a chance. Little did I know that I would find my tribe of mamas who have inspired me to not only work out regularly, but to be the best version of myself!


Hey, Y'all! I am so excited to be nominated as the mom of the month!

I was born and raised in one of the best cities, Austin, Texas. After high school, I received a scholarship to attend St. Mary’s University here in San Antonio. After four years I received my degree in Elementary Education. A couple weeks before graduation I was hired to work at Washington Elementary.

Two years later in August 2010, I decided to take a chance at love and went on a date with a complete stranger named Joseph Benavidez. His chivalry swept me off my feet. We were engaged a year and a half later and were married in the Spring of 2014. After traveling the world and enjoying each others company we decided we were ready to start a family. In May 2016, we welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Liam.

Being a new mom was exciting but also very stressful. I was having a hard time balancing my career and family life. After lots of reflection and prayer, my husband and I decided the best thing for our family would be for me to stay home with Liam. I was excited to spend time with my son but I was also terrified of the idea of being “just a mom.” I knew I needed to have a balance in my life, and that was when I came across Fit4Mom. I always enjoyed working out but after attending my first class I realized that Fit4Mom is more than just a workout group. It is a village of strong women, that empower and motivate each other. It is a safe place you can vent about sleepless nights or maybe seek guidance when your toddler is going through the terrible two’s. Fit4Mom has brought the balance to my life that I needed. I feel like I am the best version of myself!


I'm so honored to be your March mom of the month, friends!

Born and raised in San Antonio, I decided to spend 4 years after high school in Austin to get a new life experience. I loved being a Longhorn (hook em!) and graduated with a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I moved back home after graduating to finish up my science credits so that I could pursue nursing. I was accepted into the BSN program at UTHSC here in San Antonio in 2007.

It was a very demanding program but I made it through and passed my boards in early 2009. I started my first professional job that year in the same hospital I'm currently employed at (now called Children's Hospital of San Antonio) in a pediatric inpatient unit. I moved down to work in the children's ER a few years ago. It's fast paced and challenging, but I enjoy what I do! They have also been really good to me by letting me work part-time so that I could keep Autumn home with Grandma or daddy on the days that I work!

I met my husband in the summer of 2009 and after a little over a year and a half of dating, he decided he just couldn't let go of such a great catch. We were married in October 2011, and spent the next several years selling our house, buying our current home, and traveling as much as possible. We love visiting new places together and have been to some amazing countries/states/cities in our quest for adventure. We started our scuba diving certification on our honeymoon in Jamaica and have kept it up over the past 6+ years. It's one of our favorite activities to do while traveling.

Our greatest gift came in the form of our almost 2 year old daughter, Autumn Jane, in April 2016. She's so fun and I just love being her mommy. I was so grateful to see the grand opening of Fit4mom Alamo Ranch/Helotes last year because I had been searching for something to meet other moms, get fit, and hopefully help Autumn get some bonding time with other kiddos. It's been a blessing for both of us, and I'm so thankful for all the wonderful women (and kids!) I've met along the way! We love our Fit4mom tribe.


My name is Casey Harrison, I am mom to 3 year old George and 11 month Gwendolyn. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin but moved to Round Rock, TX when I was two. I met my husband, Philip, in 9th grade and we started dating junior year of high school. I went to the University of Texas at Austin and Phil went to Syracuse University in NY. I graduated UT with a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Development and after 4 years of a long distance relationship, Phil and I got married in June 2011. Then I moved to Oklahoma City with Phil because he was working on his pharmacy degree at The University of Oklahoma. I worked in daycare for a couple years before getting my associates degree in nursing. After graduating we moved to the Austin area and Phil worked as a pharmacist for CVS and I was able to be a stay at home mom to George. My neighbor in Georgetown was a Stroller Strides instructor and she convinced me to attend classes there.

Just over a year ago, we moved to San Antonio for Phil's career. I was nervous because we didn't know anyone in San Antonio and we were leaving all our family in Austin. I was delighted when I found out that there was going to be an Alamo Ranch Fit4Mom and I signed up right away. I am so glad I have been able to join such a great group of women.


My name is Martha Madigan. I was born and raised in Kingwood, Texas, which is a town northeast of Houston. After 18 years of the same city I chose to move to Austin and pursue a nursing degree at The University of Texas, and as luck would have it, met my now husband, Ryan.

After graduation I moved to San Antonio to be with Ryan and got a job at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio as a pediatric hematology/oncology nurse. During that time my husband decided he wanted to change careers and joined the Air Force Reserve as a C5 pilot. We had a quick 3 month engagement and got married in August 2011 before he left for training.

After 5 years as a pediatric nurse I decided I needed a change, and with military a huge influence in my life now, wanted to somehow give back to the veteran community. I then began working at the San Antonio VA Hospital as a Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse. On November 11, 2015, we welcomed our son Liam Michael, who oddly enough was born on Veteran’s Day. I feel honored to be able to stay home with Liam now and continue to work part-time as a pediatric clinic nurse at SAMMC. My husband and I are also excited to welcome a baby (girl/boy?) this May!

I first heard of Stroller Strides from a friend and was ecstatic when Fit4Mom came to Alamo Ranch/Helotes. Fit4Mom has been a great way for me to meet other moms, for my son to meet and play with other kids, and do something for me. It makes me laugh when I see my son doing burpees in the living room or lunges by the sofa. It is such a wonderful way to show your children how to be healthy while having fun. My first few classes I immediately felt welcomed and love my new Fit4Mom community.


I am so excited to be chosen as a Mom of the Month!

Howdy! My name is Shelby Dannels and I am a proud, born and raised Texan! I was actually born here in San Antonio, but my family moved to Lubbock, Texas when I was 4 years old. I loved growing up in Lubbock, but decided to go to Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas upon graduating High School. Whoop! Best decision of my life, because that is where I met my husband, Jacob!

After completing my degree in Special Education, I started working as an Instructional Assistant in an Autism classroom in College Station. The following year, I got a job teaching Kindergarten in Navasota, just South of College Station. In December of that school year, Jacob graduated with his degree in Industrial Engineering and landed a position at Toyota Motor Manufacturing here in San Antonio. That March, we got engaged! I finished out the school year in Navasota and moved to San Antonio during the summer to plan a wedding and find a job. I joined the Steubing Elementary family where I taught 1st/2nd grade Special Education for a year and then Early Childhood Collaboration/Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities for two years.

A little over a year ago, we learned that we were expecting our first child! On July 9, 2017 we welcomed our son, Stetson Bear, into our little family. I am so grateful to now be able to have my dream job of being a full time mom and I am loving every minute of it!

I first heard about Fit4Mom when my cousin joined a branch in Bryan/College Station almost five years ago. I thought that the Stroller Strides class was a really awesome concept! At that point, I knew I wanted to find something similar whenever I started having kids (and I wasn’t even married yet!). Soon after Stetson was born, I started searching for a Stroller Strides group near me. I was so excited when I found the Fit4Mom grand opening events in Alamo Ranch and Helotes! I absolutely love being part of this Fit4Mom family! Not only do I get a great workout every time I go (by the way I was fitting back into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes at only 3 months post partum… YAY!), but I get to experience my journey through motherhood with a village of other amazing moms who are always there to support me!


I am so incredibly honored to be nominated as the inaugural Mom of the month!

My name is Megan Smith and although I was born in Ohio I consider myself a Texan. After several moves as a very young child, my family ended up in the Dallas suburb of Flower Mound, Texas when I was in the third grade. In the 7th grade I met my best friend who would later become my husband. After I graduated from the University of North Texas we got married in front of our closest family and friends. Right after college I began my teaching career at the same elementary school I had attended as a child. I taught 2 years of third grade before I was given the opportunity to move down to my dream job teaching kindergarten. That same year is the year I was blessed with my first born, Hudson.

When Hudson was just 3 weeks old we moved from Texas to North Carolina where Chase began medical school. We spent 4 years in North Carolina where I continued to teach kindergarten and first grade and where we welcomed our second child, Alina to the world. While in North Carolina, my husband was consumed by medical school and I worked to support our family. Chase graduated medical school in May of this year and we matched with University hospital here in San Antonio. We moved here the first week of June and just 3 short weeks later welcomed our third child, Gibson into the family.

I always felt it was difficult for me to find time to work out after work and balance taking care of the kids and the house alone most days. I've always enjoyed running and loved it even more because it was a form of exercise I could do with my children and not have to leave them in childcare longer than needed. I had heard of Fit4Mom but always made excuses to why I couldn't join. After having Gibson I decided to take a year off teaching and focus on being a mom and it was then that I decided it was time to do something for me. I saw that a brand new Fit4Mom was beginning in Alamo Ranch/Helotes and I could attend the grand opening for free. Being new to San Antonio and not knowing anyone here I thought it would be a fun activity to get me out of the house. I left that grand opening, feeling exhausted from a great workout but uplifted by the amazing women who were there cheering me on.

I went home and told my husband that this was what I had been looking for, a place I could take my kids with me to workout and they get to participate in the workout instead of being left in childcare. I no longer had an excuse to get out of the house and take care of me. What I thought would just be a free event to get me out of the house has turned into a home where I have met amazing women to do life with. Every workout I feel stronger and even when I feel like I can't, my Fit4Mom family is there to encourage me and say I can. In just a few short weeks I am closer to my pre-pregnancy weight, fitting in my clothes better, feeling stronger and above all I have met some amazing women that I now get to call my village!